exeJ 1.01

No Image exeJ is a command line tool that creates a "batch-like" executable (.exe file) for your java application. The command line used to start your java application is wrapped in the generated executable and the user can simply start the java application with a double-click. The generated .exe is Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP compatible.

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Application Blocker 1.0.5

Application Blocker has the ability to block access to selected application preventing the user from running unauthorized software and wasting time doing things they shouldn`t be doing. It also has a built in website blocker that can block or allow access to selected site.

internet blocker, blocker, filtering, application blocker

Fix Pctssvc.exe Application Errors 2.0: Fix Pctssvc.exe Application Errors with powerful repair software.
Fix Pctssvc.exe Application Errors 2.0

Lots of users face pctssvc.exe error with their system. “pctsSvc.exe - Application Error” is the first error message which shows that your computer is infected by virus or getting problem with hardware. Driver incompatibility, incorrect registry settings can be the cause of this application error. This can be quite annoying and inconvenient for sufferers of this error. For more info:

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uexpenseme 1.0: J2ME Expense Tracking Application for Cell Phones
uexpenseme 1.0

uExpenseMe is an expense tracking application for cell phones. Main application features: track your expences anytime anywhere; adding new expense records is quick and as simple as possible (but not simpler); export via e-mail to your desktop computer in CSV (text) format which can be simply copy-pasted to any spreadsheet application like MS Excel for further analyzis.

expense, j2me, midp, money, cell phone, manage

Serpentime 1.1: Serpentime shows how much time you spend in each application.
Serpentime 1.1

application running on your computer. With Serpentime you can see how much time you work and how much time you rest. Benefits of using Serpentime Serpentime is the easiest way to organize and optimize your time. Knowing how much time you spend in different programs, you can increase your productivity by optimizing the ratio between working and having rest. Features of Serpentime: · Shows how much time you work with an application - not how long

rest, time, work, serpentime, process

SterJo Portable StartUp Monitor 1.5: Application designed to monitor Windows startup locations.
SterJo Portable StartUp Monitor 1.5

SterJo Portable StartUp Monitor is an application that constantly tracks the creation or modification of the startup registry and notify if some changes appears. If any application tries to put a startup registry on your system then the software will display the application with the following information: Section, Product Name, Product Description, Company, Version and Process Path.

trojan, spyware, registry detector, startup monitor, registry, startup, task, monitor, portable, adware

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